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Utilities and services are defined as essential commodities or services, such as water, electricity, transportation, or communication provided to the public by private business organizations.


In the west coast states where Romero Park has a presence, namely Washington, Oregon and California, the demands on utilities is ever increasing. Although some utilities providers can be publicly owned, most are private in nature and are governed by a combination of local, state and federal laws and relationships.

Since the 1970’s, the public regulation of utilities has declined, and instead the industry has been left more and more to the controls of the competitive market system. With that deregulation has come an ever-increasing focus on private contractual relationships and associations. At Romero Park, we understand the complexities that the private utilities industry presents. From government compliance to inter-provider agreements and transactions, from end user complaints to project development, business planning and litigation, our firm represents both consumers and companies in many different facets of the utilities industry.

The laws and regulations related to the utilities industry is changing every day. Please contact us to ensure that you are receiving the counsel you needs as you address your or your company’s industry- specific issues.