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Today's world is changing almost weekly due to new and evolving technologies. Ideas have truly developed a free-flowing marketplace of their own.


But in such a world, it is critical that there is value in being the developer of an idea. It is no longer sufficient for bright, creative people to simply come up with their ideas and share them with the world, letting the financial rewards accumulate of their own accord. In today’s world, the idea makers need to protect themselves, or risk being used for less than their true value.

We have the skills to help you protect your idea, or to fairly develop another’s idea. Whether this means forming corporate entities, drafting non-disclosure agreements, advising on the proper intellectual property protections (trademark, copyright, patent), negotiating licensing arrangements, or just helping with the legal needs of setting up a business, Romero Park is ready to help.

We have worked in almost every cutting edge industry currently in the marketplace. From alternative energy technologies to computer software, from medical tech to farming innovations, we have people who are familiar with the intricacies of bringing technological advances to market. Let us assist you in joining the wave of new technology making our world a better and more linked community.