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Have you ever stopped to consider all the different legal issues faced by every retail business?

Retailers deal with supplier/vendors and their varied contractual issues. Retailers have landlords and sometimes sub-tenants. Retailers have customers and the attendant risk management issues that accompany them. Retailers have employees with varying pay structures, employment packages and benefits deals, all with their own set of legal issues.

In short, Retail businesses have enough legal issues to keep an in-house attorney quite busy, but most operate on a level that does not allow for an in-house attorney. Romero Park P.S. has the knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues to allow you to outsource your need for in-house counsel. Moreover, you can specify your budget for such work, and tailor our actions to your specific needs.

The Retail business spins off legal issues quickly. We can respond to those issues just as quickly. Let us help fill your needs.