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Real Estate Investments

Real Estate has long been the safest investment available. Even in a difficult economy, investors still turn to real estate as the bedrock of their portfolio. There remain many different ways to profitably use real estate as an investment.


Real Estate Investing requires solid legal advice. Every investment presents a different set of issues. Some investors buy and hold their property for rental, needing Landlord-Tenant and property management advice. Some renovate properties for resale and need transactional help in securing financing and agreements with buyers. Others need help in structuring the investment itself, whether in forming entities to protect from liability issues, dealing with title clearing problems, or simply reviewing documents to ensure that a transaction is completed in a satisfactory manner.

Regardless of the nature of your real estate investment, Romero Park P.S. stands ready to assist you. We have drafted, reviewed, edited and negotiated almost every conceivable type of real estate instrument. If you need advice on the ramifications of a project, or an attorney to draft documentation from scratch, we are ready to assist. Please let us review your real estate investments and provide you legal protection as well as creative thinking to best position your investment.