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Real Estate Development

Developing real estate can be incredibly time consuming, costly and difficult.


Thirty years ago the process was relatively simple, quick and inexpensive. However, due to environmental regulations, government regulations, a decrease in government service and/or neighbor disputes real estate development has become one of the most difficult businesses to make successful.

At RP we are committed to helping businesses and individuals reduce as much as possible the time, cost and difficulty of developing real estate. We intimately understand that time is money. Our goal is to help our real estate development clients get the deal closed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We take our phone calls; we respond generally within minutes of receiving emails; and we do our best to turn around contracts within a day or two of receipt. In other words, we treat our client’s real estate project like it was our own.

RP and its attorneys have been involved in projects of all shapes and sizes. We have helped our clients buy and sell apartment buildings, strip malls, finished lots, time-share properties, residential homes, industrial buildings and 1031 exchanged properties. We have drafted and/or negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions and are very comfortable in handling some, most or all of the negotiations, drafting and closing of a real estate transaction. For some of our clients all we do is provide a sounding board for deals that they handle in house on their own. No matter what level of legal support you want in doing your real estate deal RP has the experience to handle it and the passion for closing it as if it were the owner of the project.