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Property Management

Are you a landlord of a one-unit house? Are you the President of your homeowners' association? Are you a condominium owner dealing with your condo board?


So you own commercial real estate with multiple tenants? These are just a few of the situations we deal with regularly in our Property Management Practice.

Acquiring income-producing properties is merely the tip of the iceberg in dealing with managing your properties. In order for developed investments to really bear fruit, it is critical to have a solid plan for dealing with any and all issues that arise regarding your properties. That is where having an experienced legal team at your disposal can make a difference.

We have decades of experience handling almost every type of matter that can affect property managers. We have represented large associations dealing with collection of dues and legal issues from defective siding to disputes about the procedures for voting and board elections. We have defended individual property owners faced with unfair enforcement of local rules and regulations. We have evicted tenants who refuse to pay rent or to comply with other lease provisions.

We have the experience to help you deal with your property management issues in a economical way, and get you back to the business of managing your properties. Call us to discuss your individual situation.