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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas law issues have gained significant prominence in the last several years.


Specifically, issues regarding oil and gas sales and leasing contracts and mineral leasing on public and private lands have been the subject of numerous court cases and legislative enactments.

Although the Pacific Northwest is well known for its reliance on non-carbon-based source of energy, make no mistake about it; businesses in this part of the country have a very real interest in the laws, regulations and contracts that pertain to the oil and gas industry, including the leasing and/or purchasing or oil and mineral rights, the financing and collateralization of interests in oil and mineral sources, enforcement of royalty provisions pertaining the sale and/or lease of oil and mineral rights, and the conveyance of land subject to existing oil and mineral rights, just to name a few.

At Romero Park P.S. we understand the nuances that underlie transactions and regulations involving oil, gas and minerals, as well as the myriad of other issues that can arise when dealing with the private or public trade, or regulation of these natural resources. And that is why we are perfectly suited to assisting you with you as enter into oil, gas and mineral transactions.