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Leisure & Tourism

We provide advice, business support, and dispute resolution services to many companies involved in the tourism and leisure industry.


RP attorneys have experience helping local, regional, and national tourism companies deal with the wide range of regulatory, operational, and liability concerns peculiar to the industry.

In the ever evolving areas of tourism and leisure related law, our clients benefit from our attorneys’ experience in providing cost sensitive services and advice in the areas of corporate structure, real, land use, leasing issues, employment and labor concerns, intellectual property, brand maintenance/protection, and, when necessary, litigation or dispute resolution. Please contact us to see how we can help protect, maintain, and stream line your business operations.

Most people in the construction industry see attorneys as a necessary evil; and a few even see them as exacerbating a problem. We would like to think our construction clients see us differently; that we are a valuable part of their team who add value by our service and help them make each project more profitable (or at least keep them from losing more money on a project that has gone south).

Our attorneys have a combined experience of over 50 years in working in the construction industry. The RP attorneys estimate they have successfully handled over 250 construction disputes. They have represented general contractors, subcontractors, owners, suppliers, homebuilders, architects, engineers and consultants.

A wise client will have its attorney review construction contracts – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The RP team has reviewed hundreds of construction contracts, including many AIA and AGC contracts.

When a dispute arises on the project a wise client will involve its attorney in trying to resolve the dispute and concurrently with that effort “paper the file” so that there is written evidence to support the client’s position if the dispute cannot be resolved quickly and amicably. RP regularly assists clients in workout meetings, negotiation sessions and mediations to try to resolve disputes short of trial or arbitration. It also crafts or ghost writes many written communications for its clients when a dispute may be arising on a project.

If a dispute goes to litigation or arbitration the RP team is well equipped to be handle the trial/arbitration. Its attorneys have handled dozens of construction disputes, from those involving millions of dollars to less than one hundred thousand dollars. We encourage you to look at Troy Romero and Justin Park’s profiles for a sampling of some of their specific construction dispute victories.

A final item that makes RP stand out from the rest of the law firms in the area that handle construction matters is the unique background of Mr. Romero and Mr. Park. Mr. Romero served as a councilmember and two term mayor of the City of Sammamish, Washington. This experience gave him an opportunity to understand the construction business from the “other side of the table,” which comes in handy whenever the owner is a public entity. Mr. Park was an electrical contractor himself before going to law school, and thus knows from first-hand experience what it means to make a living in the construction industry.

We would appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help you resolve any construction need you have. We think you’ll be happy that you did.