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Food & Beverage

RP provides a wide range of services to assist our clients engaged in the Food and Beverage industry.


RP attorneys’ experience is as varied as the problems facing business involved with food and beverage development. From brand management and protection, vendor relations, licensing, and intellectual property, all the way to asset protection, corporate structure, contract, and employment law issues, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any problem professionally and quickly so that our clients can focus on the things that brought them to the industry-creating a great experience for their customers through their food.

When necessary, RP attorneys have had great success protecting our clients’ interests through litigation over such issues and trademark and trade name infringement, employment issues, collections, as well as problems that arise between vendors, independent contractors, and sometimes even customers. We understand that most people and companies do not want to be involved in litigation. Though we diligently try to keep our clients out of litigation situations, RP attorneys are ready and able when other forms of dispute resolution fail.