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Exciting New Services at Romero Park!

As you may know, Romero Park P.S. has now been in business for over 21 years.  We have dedicated ourselves to helping individuals and businesses with their legal needs; and have not expanded our services outside of this space – until now.  We are very pleased to announce that one of our attorneys, Craig Simmons, is now available to help our clients, and future clients, with their personal injury needs!

On a number of occasions our clients/contacts have asked us to represent them in their personal injury cases, and we have historically declined because we are a “boutique business law firm.”  We estimate that over the years we have referred out over 100 personal injury cases to attorneys in the state of Washington.  We decided that when our clients are injured, we want to be willing and able to help them out with more than a referral.  With that in mind, last year Craig started taking on some smaller personal injury matters.  Both he and our firm are now confident in our firm’s ability to handle large personal injury matters (but will still refer out the more complex matters).  Accordingly, if you or someone you know is ever injured, please contact Craig Simmons of our firm and he will help you out!

Thank you for thinking of us now for not just your business matters, but also your personal injury matters. Please feel free to call us today at (425) 450-5000 if you have any questions or to set up a meeting.