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Employment Law

Almost everybody in this Country is an employer or an employee (and sometimes both).


Employment law affects everyone. Our firm is dedicated to helping employers work out disputes with their employees, preferably without ever having to go to court to do so. ¬†We have helped employers from Fortune 500 companies down to “mom & pop companies” resolve literally hundreds of disputes with employees without a complaint ever having been filed. We do this through helping the employee and/or their counsel understand the weaknesses of their cases, the costs associated with litigation and the positive things that the employer can do for the ex-employee if the termination process is handled amicably and positively.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of our clients and/or our firm, litigation does ensue. If that happens, Romero Park P.S. is dedicated to aggressively defending their clients’ business decisions and/or pursuing claims against former employees who violate non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements and similar claims.

The attorneys at Romero Park P.S. have successfully handled hundreds of employment related cases in a number of different states (particularly Washington and California).

We believe that we offer a unique skill set to resolve employment matters because of our background in intellectual property and securities law. So many employment severance issues concern valuable trade information, customers lists, vendor information and other proprietary information that can at times be more important than the actual monetary amount in controversy. We would be honored to show you how the Romero Park team can help you and/or your company resolve your employment issues, no matter how big or how small.