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Emerging Business

You have a great idea! You know it can be profitable. You know how to make it work. You have just one big problem -- you don't have the capital you need to make it successful in the marketplace.


At RP we have decades of experience in helping emerging business raise capital (we have not and do not take companies public). Raising capital can be as simple as borrowing money from a family member or friend, and papering the transaction with a promissory note and securing the debt by a deed of trust on a piece of property. Raising capital can be as extensive as preparing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and Offering Statement, which is used by the client to raise millions of dollars in venture capital. Of course, there are many different ways of raising capital in between these two options.

At RP we have likely prepared and/or reviewed every type of capital raising vehicle there is; likely more than once. Whether it is raising millions of dollars, or several hundred thousand dollars, we have the experience to help you out.

An added bonus in using RP for your emerging business is we have contacts — contacts that may help you raise the capital you need. While RP will not go “on the road” with you to help you raise capital we do have clients and contacts who are in the venture capital business. If a client’s project looks promising we do, from time to time, introduce our client to one or more of our venture capital clients/sources. We sometimes introduce our client to another client who might be in a similar space, with the idea that together they can joint venture and raise the needed capital together. In other words, we try to get as creative as possible in helping our emerging businesses raise the capital they need to get their great idea to the marketplace!