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Customer Services

Everyone is a consumer, and in the modern economy, many find themselves at odds with goods and service providers for one reason or another.


The RP attorneys advise and advocate on behalf of all kinds of consumers on a wide range of issues and transactions. Whether your concern is with mortgage companies, collection agencies, or with a contract that has gone bad, RP attorneys can provide information, strategic support, and dispute resolution experience to give you the confidence to stand strong against what can often be an intimidating and confusing world to face alone.

RP attorneys bring their extensive knowledge of contract, regulatory, and consumer protection laws to the aid of clients facing difficult issues with creditors and claimants. We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients protect their rights as consumers with knowledge and dedication to match the persistence of creditors.

We welcome the opportunity and challenge of assisting you with any problem you face with creditors or service providers that have failed to perform or deal with you as they should, be it a foreclosure, short sale, collection action, credit issues, or contract gone bad.