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Corporate Control

Regrettably, many companies experience uncertainty in matters of direction and control of the company's business, including disputes between the owners and directors, as well as hostile takeover attempts by outside forces.


Such disputes can become divisive, expensive, and counterproductive to a company’s business. In keeping with our general philosophy, we believe that the best way to prevent such problems is to anticipate the problems before they arise. We believe that many of these problems can be avoided by carefully crafting rules when the entities are first formed, such as corporate bylaws and shareholder, partnership, and member agreements, that provide for orderly and predictable transitions in the event of ownership and control changes, whether voluntary (such as through director elections and takeover attempts) or involuntary (such as through the death, disability, or retirement of an owner). Even when such disputes arise, clear rules provide for greater certainty and swifter resolution.

Where ownership and control disputes cannot be resolved amicably, our attorneys are experienced at guiding our clients through the maze of corporate rules and regulations, and if necessary, through the courts, to achieve their business goals. Our attorneys have successfully helped our clients obtain and maintain control of their companies and defend against hostile takeovers and acquisitions. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients’ goals as we meet the challenges of emergency litigation, such as temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, which are sometimes unavoidable.