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Client of the Month – Dominion Pipe & Piling

Dominion Pipe & Piling has been around since 1954 in some capacity, with the name officially becoming Dominion Pipe & Piling in 2004. As a division of Varsteel Ltd., Dominion quickly made a name for itself throughout the construction industry in both the United States and Canada. While Dominion provides all types of support systems to the construction industry, it is their steel pipes that they are most known for. In addition to steel pipes, they also specialize in h-pile, wide flange beam, sheet piling, steel plate, and import concrete piling. Dominion strives to provide not only the best product, but the best staff and customer services as well. They are constantly working hard to ensure their customers receive what they want, exactly when they want it, all while staying within their price range.

Dominion Pipe & Piling has been a wonderful client for many years and we at Romero Park look forward to working with them for many more years to come. We wish them all the best in their continued endeavors!

For more information please visit http://dominionpipe.ca/