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Client of the Month: Buckley Recycle Center, Inc.

Buckley Recycle Center, Inc. (BRC, Inc.) opened in 1996 with the primary goal of effectively recycling land clearing debris; they were “green” before it was cool. BRC, Inc. knew there was a better use for these leftovers than just burning them like most other contractors. They started grinding the old wood down into Hog Fuel – a product which allows the refuse to be utilized as fuel.  Now companies all over the state are using this fuel to replace their typical fossil fuels. In addition to creating a greener fuel source, BRC, Inc. offers a wide range of other services. They can help with everything from excavating and clearing land to providing new top soil once you’re done. BRC, Inc. is proud to say they are a licensed and bonded contractor that is WBE and DBE certified.

BRC is a wonderful client and we at Romero Park look forward to continuing this relationship.  We wish them many more years of success!

For more information about Buckley Recycling Center, please visit their website athttp://brcrecyclers.com/default.html.