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Client of the Month: BrandAwaken

BrandAwaken™ is passionate about helping businesses energize their brands.

They started in 2009 as graphic design firm Zuli Creative®, but soon realized they were much more than that. Through strategic design, that combined creativity with an understanding of the client’s business, they were able to strengthen the client’s brand and truly support the marketing message.

Over the years, they found that the real value came when a business understood the essence of their brand. This “brand discovery” became a key part of the process, and in Spring 2016, they changed the name to BrandAwaken. Now they have a proprietary branding process that starts with interactive sessions designed to help the client gain a deep understanding of their strengths and unique place in the market. This helps their clients have more effective marketing that truly connects with their ideal customer.

We at Romero Park have enjoyed working with Susan and the team at BrandAwaken, as they build their own brand around the new name. We look forward to working with them on this journey, and wish them much success.

For more information about BrandAwaken, please visit their website at http://BrandAwaken.com/

BrandAwaken is proud to be a certified Women Owned Business.