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Alternative Energies

Like many companies in this space, RP's roots go back to construction, real estate, and land use.


In the early days of alternative energy projects RP was hired to review land purchase contracts or leases; help secure building or use permits; draft construction contracts; and resolve related disputes. As the alternative energy space has expanded to become what it is today, RP has expanded its practice as well.

We have assisted clients with solar projects, wind projects, LNG projects, fuel cell projects, water purification projects and methane conversion projects. We have drafted and reviewed hundreds of contracts concerning alternative energy projects. We know the issues; we will spot them for you and give your options for handling each one as best as you can under the circumstances.

We can also help you draft or review Private Power Agreements (PPA’s), Licensing Agreements, Gas Purchase Agreements, Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures, and pretty much any other contractual arrangement you will need to make your project successful.

It is imperative that when you are putting together an alternative energy project (and even if you have a small piece of such a project) that you understand ALL of the contractual relationships between the parties. Obviously you hope your project will go well; and most do; but when a AE project goes south, the potential liability can be huge. That is why you want to try to prevent that from happening through exceptional contract drafting and negotiation. But if a dispute does arise for you, we are RP have decades of experience to help you resolve the dispute.