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Let GO pay for whistle ban

INNISFIL It is with great interest that I have been following the never ending issue of noise pollution that interrupts the natural circadian rhythm of many residents.

Surely the start up of the GO trains on an existing line did not go through a full environmental assessment. There are two sides to this story just like everything else in life.

First off, let me say that affordable environmentally friendly public transportation should be on the minds of every citizen. I have used the GO service and find it fast and efficient. That does not mean to say that this service should at no time be upgraded.

Here comes the crux. Who will pay? In this case it not just a safety and service issue, but also the environmental toll in the form of noise pollution. We, on one hand, safeguard the life and interest of vehicle
cheap ray bans traffic, as well as pedestrians at level crossings, at a lowered cost. On the other hand, we have a total disregard because of these same costs for all residents along the route in our municipality. Their wellbeing is disturbed through noise and interrupted sleep.

This particular pestilence may be exempt under the Corporation of
replica ray bans noise bylaw, but under the noise bylaw own words, it is still considered an unwanted noise. Did we take into account before the dollar value was totalled for the physical improvements required to make noiseless level crossings, the quality of life, as well as
discount ray bans the physical and
cheap ray ban outlet mental harm to residence due to noise pollution? My thought would be no.

Now, one side battles against the other, the people versus council, all wanting the same thing. I would conclude that we all could stand to profit from a tranquil safe environment. Other municipalities have chosen this route. What is ‘s hang up?

Come up with a creative solution like asking the transportation provider and riders to pay. That’s how Canadian airports run. Take a huge step forward in a sustainable environmental for public transportation. Get rid of the horns.Articles Connexes:

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Illinois Senate approves gay marriage measure

FILE In this Feb. 5, 2013 file photo, Illinois Sen. Heather Steans, D Chicago, far left, Bloomington, Ill., resident Danielle Cook, front center, who is in a civil union with her partner of many years, Suzie Hutton, back left, and their 15 year old son Caleb, right, listen to lawmakers while testifying during a Senate Executive Committee hearing at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Ill. The Illinois Senate is expected to vote on the bill to end Illinois’ ban on same sex marriage Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. The Democratic led Illinois Senate delivered a Valentine’s Day victory to gay and lesbian couples Thursday, passing legislation for the first time that would allow same sex marriage in the state.

The gay marriage measure now goes to the House, where the fight is expected to be tougher. Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

The 34 21 2 Senate vote represents a turnaround of sorts after advocates unsuccessfully sought to push a gay marriage bill through last month’s lame duck legislative session. Supporters vowed to try again quickly with a new General Assembly that featured even more Democratic seats in both chambers.

Under the measure, marriage officially would be changed in state law from an act between a man and a woman
fake ray bans to two people. The legislation explicitly says nothing in the proposed law would force a religious denomination or minister to "solemnize any marriage." People in civil unions would be able to convert them to gay marriages within a year of a same sex marriage law going on the books in Illinois.

While advocates have brought forth a lengthy line up of religious leaders who have endorsed same sex marriage, Catholics and other church groups have provided fierce opposition. They have argued same sex marriage goes against the basic tenets of the Bible, which call for marriage to be only between a man and woman. Two years ago, Illinois legalized civil unions for straight and gay couples.

Sen. Heather Steans, who sponsored the measure, argued
discount ray bans the legislation is needed because it is time for Illinois to eliminate the "second class status" of gay and lesbian couples.

The Chicago Democrat pleaded with colleagues for support for the legislation because same sex couples want to marry for the same reasons as heterosexual couples, including love.

The law will not require ministers to perform a marriage of gay couples. Nor will church officials have to require facilities of churches, such as parish or fellowship halls, to be used by gay couples against the wishes of a religious group, Steans said.

Republican Sen. Tim Bivins, a former sheriff who occasionally preaches from a church pulpit, argued vehemently against allowing same sex couples to wed.

Bivins sought to buttress his position with historical comments ranging from those of
discount ray bans Thomas Jefferson, one of the nation’s founders, to Jesus Christ
replica ray bans and Elijah, major figures in the Bible’s New and Old Testaments.

"We’re knocking down one of the basic foundations of society," Bivins said.

Pointing to changing attitudes in society, Bivins also lambasted Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s comments last summer in which he said some statements against gay marriage by Chick fil A’s president do not represent "our values" in Chicago.

Democratic Sen. William Haine, a former state’s attorney, joined in the criticism of the legislation, calling it a "profound change."

"We are doing it on the basis of emotion and the needs of citizens who actively vote," Haine said. He complained the bill falls short of protecting churches from being forced to engage in what they view as "sacrilegious."

But Sen. Martin Sandoval called this particular Valentine’s Day a "day of celebration," saying support for gay marriage is a decisive action to break down barriers that have prevented some Illinois citizens from getting the justice they deserve.

"This is a bill that is a defining moment here in this state," Sandoval said, asking "why is it so wrong?" to help life partners share insurance and retirement benefits.

Lashing out at Catholics and other church officials that strongly opposed the legislation, Sandoval said, "our religious leaders have failed us."

He argued the greatest message that Jesus left his followers was to "love one another" and that the legislation would help fulfill that vision an interpretation disputed heavily by clergy and legislative opponents.

Sen. Dale Righter, a Republican, said the changes represent a "danger" because it will "abrogate the mission of the church." He contended church officials who fear what will happen because of the law will pull back their outreach efforts.

Sen. Kyle McCarter, also Republican, predicted the legislation would have far reaching impact throughout Illinois, saying even school curriculum will be changed to recognize gay marriage.

"People have the right to live as they choose," McCarter said. "They don’t have the right to redefine marriage for all of us. . We are jeopardizing freedom, not expanding it."

McCarter took issue with choosing Valentine’s Day to pass the bill in the Senate, saying the vote was "scheduled on the holiday to celebrate love to disguise what is truly a devaluing of traditional marriage."

Sen. Willie Delgado, a Democrat, called for an end to prejudice against gay and lesbian couples, saying all citizens are the same "in the Lord’s eyes."

Delgado said he was having flashbacks to the movie "Lincoln," which focuses on the 16th president’s efforts to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and abolish slavery.

"For the love of God, I feel like I’m sitting in 1865, where similar debates were created on why slavery should continue in this country," Delgado said, adding, "This is the time. This is the place. This is the moment. We are one people."

Hutchinson said the senators had the chance to bend that arc a "little bit further."

Sen. Kwame Raoul of Chicago, told a story about how he could not first accept that a cousin was gay, but then he realized over time that he was "no different" from the person he had long loved.Articles Connexes:

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Taylor Swift keeps her cool amid ongoing rumours of Katy Perry rift

The blonde beauty shaded her eyes with some classic black Ray bans as she glided into modelFIT LA Pop Up Studio and was later seen leaving with the Haim sisters the gals she vacationed with in Hawaii last week.

So simple: As usual the blonde beauty opted for minimal accessories and no jewelry

She got legs and she not afraid to show Taylor Swift hit the streets in a 17 corduroy mini skirt from Brandy Melville that showed off her long, slender pins. The 5 superstar paired it with a navy top and rust colored heeled oxfords for a stylish transitional look.

Brandy Melville makes hip clothes for young women who want to look cool without trying too hard. Their slogan tees and plaid skirts suit the "Shake it Off" singer demographic so well. So it no surprise the trendsetter chose
fake ray bans this brand. And the best part is that their prices won break the bank!

Get the Brya skirt before it gone (and at this price it will be soon) by clicking our link at the right. If you still need more choices we got some fab finds in our style edit from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters that are also affordable.

Rehearsing?: Taylor was later seen leaving the studio with the Haim sisters

In a missed opportunity to clear up the feud rumours which date back to September last year Roar hit maker Katy told ELLE this week: ‘You’ve got to name someone the villain, someone the princess, someone the mom , the dad type you know there always have to be characters.’

‘As pop figures, we’re all characters. And the media uses that. Who is the sweetheart, who is the villain? You know. Taylor’s the sweetheart. Kanye’s the villain. That’s the narrative.’

According to a report by TMZ in September, the bad blood began when three of Taylor’s dancers quit to go work for Katy.

Taylor ‘felt betrayed’ because she had considered the dancers as family, the news site reported.

Much has been made about the feud between the pop singers as Katy recently addressed it in the February 7 issue of Billboard magazine.

She told the weekly: ‘If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it.’

Who needs a catwalk?: Taylor pushed out her hips as she glided across the sidewalk

Manicured: Taylor showed off some metallic silver nail polish on her fingers

Fans began to speculate about a rivalry in September when Taylor said
fake ray bans in a Rolling Stone interview that her song Bad Blood was about a female musician and ‘straight up enemy.’

Meanwhile, Taylor announced on Sunday that her pals Este, Danielle and
replica ray bans Alana from the band Haim will be joining her 1989 tour this summer.

Fresh from her vacation in Hawaii where she spent the week with the three sisters, the songstress revealed on her official website that Haim will join the line up for 16 US dates of her world tour.

Former pals: The ongoing rumours of a rift between Taylor and Katy Perry have heated up recently. They are pictured in 2011 at the AMAs

Sunny days: Taylor shared this Instagram snap from a boat trip in Maui with the Haim sisters on January 23

The girls will play 16 dates in seven cities between July 16 and September 29, including the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey; Nationals Park In Washington DC; Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois; Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts; Staples Center in Los Angeles, California; Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee; and Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri.

Swift’s 1989 Tour, named after the year she was born, starts in Tokyo Japan on May 5 and finishes on December 12 in Melbourne, Australia, and will see her play exactly 80 shows.

No surprise: The songstress announced on Sunday thatEste, Danielle and Alana from the
cheap ray bans band Haim (pictured) will be joining her on her 1989 tour this summerArticles Connexes:

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Speaker Weatherford stood ground during session

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford outlined five priorities before the start of the 2013 legislative session in March. Scott. Elections bill: Requires supervisors of elections to hold at least eight days of early voting with the option of up to 14, including Sunday before Election Day, also known as to the Polls day because of black churches’ voter drives. Scott. Ethics bill: Bans lawmakers from lobbying any state agency for two years after leaving office and prohibit them from
cheap ray bans taking new government jobs while
discount ray bans in office. Gives Florida Commission on Ethics more power to collect fines. Allows commission to post elected officials’ financial disclosure forms online. Scott. Higher Education bill: Creates standards for designating state research schools as universities and gives Florida State University and University of Florida added funds for research and recruitment. Scott. Pensions bill: Would haveclosed the state pension plan to state and county employees and teachers hired as of Jan. 1, 2014, and forced them into 401(k) style investment plans. Rosica

The first thing to know about the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives is that he doesn’t like rating his own performance.

not going to give myself a grade; I’ll let somebody else give me a grade, said Will Weatherford, the 33 year old Wesley Chapel Republican who touts his upbringing in Pasco County. think the session was very successful, but how I did, I’ll leave that up to other people.

The duo early on tied themselves to each other, policywise.

Lawmakers ultimately passed and Gov. Rick Scott recently signed four of their five priorities: overhauls of ethics, elections and campaign finance laws, and a bill bolstering higher education. Trouble is, what people often remember isn’t what gets done, but what doesn’t.

Ask others about Weatherford’s performance, as he suggests, and the answer often lies in how they view the House’s rejection of $50 billion in federal money over the next decade to expand health care coverage to about 1 million poorer Floridians.

This Medicaid expansion in one form or another was backed by a diverse coalition that included Scott, Senate Republicans, progressives, and business, medical and labor groups. Weatherford and House Republicans instead pushed their own plan to insure far fewer with no federal dollars.

The House’s plan would have provided coverage to about 115,000 residents using $237 million in state money. Those who qualified would have received $2,000 a year to choose a private insurance plan.

Expansion of health care coverage was a missed opportunity, said Deirdre Macnab, who is in her second term as president of the League of Women Voters of Florida.

was a shocking finale to this legislative session, she said, laying responsibility on Weatherford. what should be resonating in Floridians’ minds.

was imperial lunacy to refuse those funds, Macnab added. leadership style was cordial, but leadership has to be evaluated like cooking: It’s about what comes out of the kitchen.

has become a champion to fiscal conservatives for not compromising on health coverage expansion, said Bishop, now a private consultant.

kept his position, he kept his caucus together, he said. is a speaker willing to bide his time and pick and choose his fights, and not give up what he wants to do.

Maybe it’s no surprise that Weatherford’s leadership style emerged as friendly but steely.

thought he would be more receptive to Democrats and to Republicans left out in the past, and to an extent, I think he did that well, said Darryl Paulson, a retired professor of government at University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

people were looking for a more moderate style, and that didn’t happen, Paulson added. very much
discount ray bans an ideologue and unabashedly marched forward with that and did not concede much.

we said back in November after the election we’re still saying today, he said. haven’t changed what our belief structure is or our principles.

did Everglades restoration, we passed a bill that banned texting while driving, we put $1 billion into education, we banned Internet cafes forever, so I mean it was an extremely successful session, Weatherford said.

are some people who want to talk more
cheap ray bans about what we didn’t do this session and who want to say that because we didn’t expand (health care), somehow that means we left something on the table.Articles Connexes:

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Searching beyond borders

Google India has struck an emotional chord with its new campaign that promotes its search product. The question is, what’s the point of a three and a half minute film when Google already enjoys a 97 per cent search market share in India? afaqs! explores.

It is said that Google finds an answer to everything! Connecting an instance of the 1947 partition era with the present times, Google India’s latest campaign has struck the emotional chord to promote its search product. Released on November 13, the Google Search: Reunion ad from Google India is emotional and engaging, and has already garnered over three million views on YouTube.

The campaign comprises a playlist of five ads, including ‘Fennel’, ‘Cricket’, ‘Anarkali’ and ‘Sugar free’, but the most widely circulated one is ‘Reunion’.

The campaign will hit television screens on November 25 and target a very select audience. It was launched on the web first and now, Google will showcase the ads in theatres coupled with a focused campaign on TV featuring both the full ad and the four short ones.

The Idea

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mather India, the film is a reflection of a similar user case where a sort of
discount ray bans reunion happened.

Speaking about the campaign idea, Sandeep Menon, director, marketing, Google India says that the company wanted to do something special, which was also very, very Indian. "We have been working on user cases, and a few of them told the story of the youth using our services to bring people who have been separated, closer. So, the idea germinated from there. It wasn’t a traditional brief as such. We wanted to spark conversations thus, bringing in the whole neighbouring country idea. The bigger theme is the role of the youth in bringing about change," he says.

"The brief we had received was to bring Google Search closer to people in India. People have been using Google for some time, but we needed to inform them about its various uses. Because come what may, in whatever form, Google actually leads us to what we are looking for," says Abhijit Avasthi, national creative director, Ogilvy India.

Google Maps, in October 2013, had featured the story of Saroo Brierley, who spent 25 years searching for his biological family after getting separated from them at an Indian railway station. With the help of Google, however, Brierley was able to find his way back to the home and family he never thought he’d see again. Google released an ad summarising how that happened.

The Big Question

Google is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the internet. The search engine is one of the most loved brands of the current generation. The
cheap ray bans question is what’s the point of making a three and a half minute film when Google already enjoys 97 per cent search market share in India?

Menon says that
cheap ray bans the company wanted to strike up a conversation to showcase the different uses of Google and at the same time, tell magical stories that show why users love the product. "One of our core philosophies is that our users are smart and intelligent. Hence, the attempt was to have a conversation and tell users that they can do a lot more, and a lot quicker, by showcasing some of the innovations that allow the product to be used in different ways," he adds.

However, Menon does agree that it took Google a long time to be ready with something that it wanted to share. "From a performance marketing perspective, this film follows our ‘Start Searching India’ campaign that was launched last July. The campaign showcased many of the new innovations that Google search has rolled out. Innovations like flight search, theatre timings for movies and language translation help users save time, and get to the point answers to their most common queries. Many of our users have not picked up on these. With this campaign, we hope to get traction on that," he says.

As explained on a personal blog by Himanshu Gupta, a mobile industry expert, Google also sees a future where more searches will happen on mobile devices. As per Statcounter data, mobile is already 62.5 per cent of traffic on Google India as compared to 37.5 per cent from desktop So, Google knows that more and more of its target users are on mobile and not on desktops.

Hence, the "Reunion" ad starts with a desktop experience of Google and shifts to a mobile only experience and newer integrated services such as flight information and weather. "Internet is really changing the way we live and the youth is driving the change. Through this campaign we wanted to highlight how youth can bring about a change and address it in a way which people
fake ray bans across age groups can relate to," Menon adds.

Google has been promoting its products in many ways quite extensively in the recent years. In December 2011, Google India extended its ‘The Web is What You Make of It’ campaign with a spot about Tanjore paintings, an ancient Indian art form that seems to be fading away from the modern world. In July 2013, Google India launched ‘Start Searching India’ campaign which was aimed at simplifying the web for the country’s internet users. The objective of the campaign was to help simplify the web for Indian users, showing how they can get instant answers to their most common queries.

"We are constantly trying to figure how we can communicate the many benefits of internet to average Indians and get them online," informs Menon when asked about Google’s marketing strategy in India.Articles Connexes:

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Focus on the Kawarthas

PtboCanada is a locally owned/operated media company about everything Peterborough, about this city to love. They provide a fresh perspective on local subject matter, and use social media to engage readers to read and share content. On this episode We speak with Neil Morton from Ptbo Canada. Debuts Wed at
cheap ray bans 6:30

Ptbo CanadaThe emerald ash borer is a highly destructive insect that could potentially wipe out all our
discount ray bans ash trees. Guests include Councillor Lesley Parnell who informs us of what the City is doing to prepare. Public inquiries 1 800 770 2170 Wed.

November 25 ,2013

The emerald ash borer is a highly destructive insect that could potentially wipe out all our ash trees. Guests include Councillor Lesley Parnell who informs us of what the City is doing to prepare. Public inquiries 1 800 770 2170

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Invasive Species Centre

Map of Ash Trees in Peterborough

November 18 ,2013

replica ray bans Hope Mill in Lang is a fully
fake ray bans restored and operational Sawmill from the 1835. We meet the Volunteers and watch the heritage equipment cut lumber just like our pioneer ancestors did. Repeat

May 21 ,2013

is celebrating Sixty years. We learn more about the organization as well as Peterborough in Portrait and the Home of our own campaign. Building Inclusive Communities since 1953. Watch the Video

May 14 ,2013

June is Seniors Month in Ontario, a great time for seniors to celebrate their lives and the many ways they continue to make our province a better place to live.

May 07 ,2013

We talk with Owner/ Operator Angela Jones from . They’ve designed such projects as Elton John’s dressing room, a dream home for Cottage Life and even the set for Focus.Articles Connexes:

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Browns WR Gordon charged with DWI in NC

(AP) Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after speeding down a street in Raleigh on Saturday, bringing the troubled Pro Bowler already cloudy future into more doubt. Saturday, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

The police report on Gordon arrest wasn finished, so Sughrue didn know what type of vehicle Gordon was driving or what led the officer to suspect he had been drinking.

Gordon was released
discount ray bans on bail. Court records did not list an attorney.

The 23 year old wide receiver has been in trouble before off the field. He was
discount ray bans suspended two games last season for violating the NFL substance abuse policy, but still led the league with 1,646 yards receiving .

Gordon reportedly failed another drug test during the offseason, which could lead to a season long ban. In May, he
cheap ray bans was ticketed for speeding and a passenger
fake ray bans in his car was cited for marijuana possession. He pleaded not guilty and has a hearing in the case scheduled for next Friday. Gordon was at team recent mini camp, but has declined interviews.

Browns management has been waiting to hear from the NFL before deciding Gordon future. Cleveland General Manager Ray Farmer found out about the arrest hours after it happened.

are aware of the matter and are disappointed to learn of this situation. We will comment further at the appropriate time, Farmer said in a statement.

Gordon agent Drew Rosenhaus said he had no comment about the arrest.

Gordon entered the league out of Baylor with a history of substance abuse issues. Gordon is known to have failed at least three drug tests in college, but the Browns were willing to overlook his past when they selected him in the second round of the supplemental draft in 2012.

Former teammate and captain, linebacker D Jackson said on Twitter: you close to Josh Gordon please help this kid, it not about football anymore it about picking up the pieces of his life.Articles Connexes:

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Baseball Magazines

Baseball Digest One of the oldest baseball magazines based in Evanston,
cheap ray bans Illinois, United States. Baseball Digest published by the Lakeside Publishing
replica ray ban sunglasses Company. Magazine provides in depth articles on batting, pitching
fake ray bans and fielding statistics, profile of one players, previews, rules review, and analysis of upcoming players.

Baseball America One of the most widely circulated baseball magazines. The magazine covering major and minor leagues, international baseball, up coming players in high school, and college. Baseball America selects rosters for the futures game. Annual award the
cheap ray bans baseball America rookie of the year is granted by baseball America.

Junior Baseball Youth baseball magazine focusing on player’s ages under 17, coaches and parents skills, tournaments, outstanding youth teams and player’s profiles, new equipment guides, health, nutrition, injury prevention, and more.

Baseball Youth Baseball magazine for kids. The magazine published six times a year and featuring youth tournament, interviews of Major League Baseball stars, contests and quizzes.

Baseball Player Magazine covering professional baseball, college baseball, baseball camps, summer leagues, equipment, health and nutrition, interviews, and more.Articles Connexes:

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10 Great Gifts for Clayton

The items that say Greatest Dad or something along those lines might be cheesy, but they also are the perfect sentimental gift to show your dad how much you appreciate him. In addition to the cards, Walgreens also has several dad themed balloons ($2.99 each) and Valuable Dad bobbleheads ($6.99).

The Sporting Life

The store in the has tons of items that make great gifts for dad, including a T shirt ($22.99)that has written on the back where you woud typically finda player name.

The latest equipment oraccessories for your dad favorite sport isalso a brilliantgift idea. just added golf shoe bags ($30)to its products and monogramming is included in the price.

Tools of the Trade

Get your dad the latest tools to replace or improve his collection. It has a three piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set for $24.99. Grills are also available at the hardware store, including a Weber 22.5 inch Performer grill for $329. Straub is also having a sale (through July 2)on several six packs of bottled beer, including three varieties ofBoulevard for $7.99 each.

If you looking for a fun, enviromentally friendly item to add to your dad desk or office, head to Neiman Marcus. Saks has some car and plane shaped cuff links ($158 per pair)that would be perfect for a younger son to give his dad. They also have a great selection of sunglasses to keep your dad stylish for summer, including a classic
cheap ray bans pair of Ray Bans for $160.

Neiman Marcus has a variety of styles of Brera Orologi watches ($650 695)that makewonderful gifts for dads.

Smell of Success

The perfect addition to any dad look is a great scent. Saks has a good selection of fragrances for men, including Declaration ($80)and Roadster Sport ($100)by Cartier, and Saks Fifth Avenue ($215 for a large bottle)and Wall Street ($160 for a small bottle)by Bond No. 9.

Good Eats

If you don know what exactly to get your dad, you can always take him out to eat to his favorite
discount ray bans place or somewhere new. If your dad wants to sleep in but still go out for breakfast on Father Day, is the place to go, as it serves breakfast all day in addition to other menu items.

If you looking for a more formal dining experience, head to or making a reservation at either of these places would be advised.

Head to the Movies

If you want to take dad out for more fun, head to the
fake ray bans , AMC Esquire 7, or.

Green Lantern, this week big budget superhero extravaganza; Midnight in Paris, filmmaker Woody Allen latest; and Mr. Popper Penguins, thenew familycomedy starring Jim Carrey
replica ray ban sunglasses are among your options.Articles Connexes:

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neck sweater making a comeback

The first time I noted the appeal of the venerable and heretofore grandfatherly shawl neck sweater a full fledged trend at this point was on a young woman. She was my waitress at Suppenkche on Laguna Street in Hayes Valley, and I was having brunch
replica ray bans in late October of last year, the day of my wedding, as it happened. The sweater was a heather gray pullover with a button at the throat and a soft woolen ruff ringing her neck. Her casually upswept hair, coupled with the oversize sweater and tight jeans, suggested a fashionable gamine blessed with access to her stylish boyfriend’s wardrobe. I noted my envy to a couple friends, and by Christmas they had gotten me a vintage white cardigan with that coveted woven lapel.Leap ahead a year and what was an alluring, unusual bit of apparel on a hipster chic waitress is all over the men’s floor of Bloomingdales, the perpetually battered racks at J. Crew and the perpetually tensed torso of in "Quantum of Solace." The shawl neck is surely the sweater of the year, unsurprising as its floppy, foldable collar is one of the few dignified variants on the reigning king of gent’s knitwear, the cardigan (sorry, varsity stripes and chenille letters, you don’t so much imply sophistication as Dobie Gillis).
discount ray bans I’m convinced that the sudden yen for the shawl neck is a small part of the larger ’60s prepster sartorial zeitgeist (think "Mad Men," "Revolutionary Road," , JFK, Ray Ban Wayfarers and Vampire Weekend).I’ve even seen the shawl neck make the occasional leap off sweaters altogether. A few weeks ago I met , one half of the team behind the new and sorely needed Union Square boutique 307 Shotwell, a shop at 36 Geary St. whose savvy mix of vintage wear, local designers and refined hipster gear is a boon for men looking to bridge the gap between the Mission and the Financial districts. Though this is a rarity, don’t be surprised to see an uptick in shawl neck jackets and vests.At present though, the lather is still over the sweaters. Men’s fashion rags tout the merits of a smart shawl neck as a less formal alternative to the blazer, though I’m not totally convinced that a sweater should replace the jacket at formal events. It’s a decent change of pace for office holiday parties and
fake ray bans the like, a notion not lost on the Gap, whose Powell Street branch recently displayed shawl neck bedecked mannequins under the logo Mix and Mingle. How then to avoid looking like every other Details subscriber with a little cash to burn? Permit me to suggest a very natty, very anachronistic touch: the bow tie.I’ve worn this look a couple times with shawl neck cardigans and really like it, though a black bow tie, especially paired with a bulky sweater, does expose one to the risk of looking like a football referee circa 1935. Because the action of the shawl neck is around the collar, I favor the bow tie over the necktie because it’s contained, compact, and unless you’re an utter fop in purple velvet neckwear, its conservative, atavistic, well turned out quality subtly undercuts the sweater’s au courant status.I’ve seen the pairing on other men around
cheap ray ban outlet town, particularly one very dapper middle aged guy who was wearing a shawl neck pullover which had less room at the neck than a cardigan would, and quite aptly framed his blue bow tie and cutting a decidedly modern, professorial figure. I’d strongly urge in favor of tie your own bow ties in this case. Not only do the pre tied versions make you look as if you should be playing the marimba in a dinner theater jazz combo, but the unavoidable asymmetry of a freshly tied tie manages to be at once dignified and unfussy. You’ll also be one of two guys in the room (and the only one younger than 60) who even knows how to navigate the bow tie’s befuddling tendrils.All about the Benjamin: In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I just learned how to properly tie a bow tie recently. I was at Bloomingdale’s chatting with one half of the rap groupStanding in an office on the fourth floor of the , Benjamin and I faced the parking lot across Mission Street, using the expansive window as a mirror. From there, he took me through the simple steps needed to knot the small piece of silk, tightening and adjusting it just so. I suddenly felt part of the tradition of gents (though Benjamin can’t be more than a handful of years older than me) showing other gents how to dress. No knock on the older men in my childhood, but few if any dressed up regularly, and barring several tie pins and a pair of cufflinks that belonged to my late grandfather, I claim a very short sartorial legacy.Yet standing there as Benjamin faced me, tugging at my tie and fussing with my collar, I felt that fraternity he had alluded to earlier. As you might expect, Benjamin Bixby makes very handsome bow ties. They also make shawl neck sweaters.Articles Connexes:

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